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A Hillsides child care worker helps a youth make a healthy snack.

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We’ve expanded our blog to include wellness topics, covering mental well-being, fitness, and nutrition, and community resources penned by Hillsides staff. Complementing the weekly blog, “Costa’s Call,” Hillsides CEO Joseph M. Costa discusses pressing and newsworthy issues that impact child welfare.


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Costa's Call

How Adopting a Child Can Reverse the Cycle of Trauma

Editor’s Note: November is National Adoption Month. In honor of the month, and of those parents who decide to take the transformative step to adopt a child, this week’s blog post centers on our Bienvenidos Foster Care and Adoption program….

A Time to Give Back and a Time to be Thankful

By Joseph M. Costa, Hillsides President and CEO Recently I met with a group of staff who provide crisis services to children and families who are at risk of being separated. They described a household of three generations that was…

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Why it’s Important to Speak Up

By Joseph M. Costa, Hillsides President and CEO Domestic violence is an issue that is difficult to address because of the stigma and shame associated with it. However, as painful and disturbing as it is, this issue is a crucial…

The True Meaning of the Holidays is Right Here in our Hearts

By Desiree Rodrigues It is that time of year again, the holiday season, when you are rushing about town trying to find that one last gift, sending off greeting cards and planning gatherings. Whether you are shopping or getting ready…

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What Are We Grateful For? Let Us Count the Ways

At Hillsides, we have much to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.  We asked staff across the agency  what they are thankful for, and here are some of their responses.  Perhaps the best part about learning what people are grateful…

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The Hidden Meaning and Value of Your Child’s Halloween Costume

By Desiree Rodrigues It is that time of year again when we see fall leaves and pumpkin patches in every available lot, and stores are loaded with Halloween items.  When you strip away the cultural meaning of Halloween, you are…

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