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Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and their families. Our vision is to create lasting change in the lives of all at-risk children and youth we serve. We provide…

A Hillsides child care worker helps a youth make a healthy snack.

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We’ve expanded our blog to include wellness topics, covering mental well-being, fitness, and nutrition, and community resources penned by Hillsides staff. Complementing the weekly blog, “Costa’s Call,” Hillsides CEO Joseph M. Costa discusses pressing and newsworthy issues that impact child welfare.



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Costa's Call

Hillsides Librarian Sherri Ginsberg wins Prestigious award

Sherri Wins Prestigious 2016 I Love My Librarian Award Ten years ago, when Sherri Ginsberg was hired as the Hillsides librarian, our library admittedly wasn’t much to brag about. A generous donor had funded a beautiful library space for the…

Thank you for giving to our children, youth and families

As I have for several years, I head to the Northeast to spend Thanksgiving visiting with family and friends. On the night before I was leaving, I saw a convoy of SUVs make its way onto the campus. Volunteers from…

How Hillsides is Committed to Creating a Safe Place Post-Election

By the end of the election week I had heard from many staff that our clients were worried for their safety and well-being because they feared that the promises made during the presidential campaign would be kept. Over 90 percent…

Six Tips to Avoid Holiday Shopping Stress

By Barbara Rey Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holidays are  here, whether or not we feel ready!  After more than 25 years of being a professional organizer, I have mastered the art of being organizing when it…

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Five Tips to Help your Child Survive Homework

By Ian Lee The first quarter of school is almost over! Only 26 more weeks of school to go. How far is it until June? If you are asking these questions then you are a parent….with homework. Here are a…

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How understanding trauma gets to the cause of behaviors

At the recent conference of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, a keynote speaker addressed the impact of trauma on the children and families we serve. She began with a powerful exercise that asked each of us to recall a trauma…

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