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A Hillsides child care worker helps a youth make a healthy snack.

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We’ve expanded our blog to include wellness topics, covering mental well-being, fitness, and nutrition, and community resources penned by Hillsides staff. Complementing the weekly blog, “Costa’s Call,” Hillsides CEO Joseph M. Costa discusses pressing and newsworthy issues that impact child welfare.


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Costa's Call

The potentially devastating effects of the replacement of the Affordable Care Act

A new world order was established on January 20, 2017. Promises made during a contentious election are now in the process of being fulfilled. High on the list of promises is the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act…

With the Future of Healthcare Uncertain, Why Advocacy Is Needed More Than Ever

Without joining the ranks of alarmists, it is prudent at the start of any new administration, whether local, state or federal, to initiate a discussion with new policymakers regarding the critical issues that challenge those we serve. Conservatively, 90 percent…

Why We Have Great Expectations for the Coming Year

Expectations are important because more often than not, they can influence outcomes. Some prefer to have reasonable expectations that are modest and easily achieved while others dream big and expect great results. The expectations we have affects our commitment to…

Five Coaching Tips to Bring Out the Best in Young Athletes

By Jason Starr and Randall Trice (Left to right:  Randall Trice and Jason Starr) Editor’s Note: Maybe you’re a coach of a youth league.  Or your kids are involved in sports and you coach them at home.  What tips really…

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Proven Tips to Help Your Child Improve at Reading

Editor’s Note:  With the holiday break coming up, it gives all of us extra time with our children, time that could be spent reading to them.  Now is the perfect time to implement the following advice from Hillsides reading specialist…

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