Congratulations to Our High School Graduates

Today is a wonderful day at Hillsides, in particular for all the staff at Hillsides Education Center, who dedicate year after year to working with our students in providing them a quality education. Today is a day to acknowledge our students for the great work that they’ve done and one of the greatest accomplishments they have achieved—graduating from high school.

We had the opportunity to listen to six graduates share their stories and give thanks to those individuals that brought comfort, attention, and education. While some students might have been with us for one year or fifteen years, each graduate has become a young man or woman. They have matured to become heartfelt individuals with diverse talents and abilities. Though they have encountered many challenges, they have also achieved great things they can be proud of: the ability to express themselves, be a role model to younger students, bring laughter to someone’s life, and simply find their voice.

We couldn’t be prouder of them and are excited about their future. Hillsides will continue to care and be a supportive community for them and we are confident of their future success. A hearty congratulations goes out to the students and another one to the staff, parents, and community for dedicating their time, attention, and resources in meeting academic needs and providing enrichment opportunities for our students throughout the year.

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