The Spirit of the Holiday Season still among the Hustle and Bustle

Black Friday seems to be the start of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Millions of shoppers get in line on Thanksgiving night for retail stores to open the following day and get the deal of the year. People attend numerous festivities, go shopping for those on their list, or plan the entertainment and menu for the family’s get together. Regardless of which it is or all, some people never forget the vulnerable children and families, who in their time of need, get the love and support from total strangers.
At Hillsides we serve on average 86 children and transition age youth as well as 6,900 children and families living in Los Angeles County. Children living at Hillsides make their holiday wish list and staff plan winter outings to fill their holiday break from school. Transition age youth recreate traditions of their own while living at Youth Moving On. Of the families we serve, we select a hundred who are in most need during the holiday season to be adopted by other families, businesses, organizations and individuals.
Holidays are a reminder for many of our children that they are not living with their families, and thus, behavioral and emotional challenges are heightened. Transition age youth, for the first time, might be spending the holidays alone. Families in crisis are stressed even more with the pressure of the holiday.
The challenges are many and the resources are limited. As we have done in the past, we reach out to our donor community to rally support for the children and youth we serve during the holiday season. At this time when our faith traditions invite us to recall the light that dispels the darkness of our world, we call upon you to help us be a “light” for those we serve.
Wish lists, winter outings, traditions, and adopt-a-family program–none of these would be possible without the support of our donors. While you may be participating in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you still take time to think of the spirit of the holiday season. You give willingly to those in need, bringing light and hope to a brighter New Year.
For those wishing to make a difference this holiday season, you can do so by visiting our wish list, donating towards a particular item needed, adopting a family or sponsoring a winter outing. Call Laura Kelso, director of community resources, at (323) 254-2274 ext. 251 and see where the need is most. Thank you for restoring hope in the lives of so many children, youth and families.

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