Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This is the time of year when I am reminded of how great our donor community is to our children and families. The season of giving started with more than $10,000 worth of gifts from Campbell Hall. In-kind gifts have continued to come with deliveries planned for as late as Christmas Eve to provide something special for the children who will be on campus through the holiday. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
Because of the nature of the challenges that the children and families we serve confront, there is never enough that we can do for them because their needs are so great. However, be sure that what we are able to do is greatly appreciated and has a wonderful impact on them especially at this time of year.
At the end of the day, more than anything else, we are trying to create memories for all we serve. Memories of caring people, memories of happiness in the midst of challenges and hardships, memories that restore hope and help dreams to be realized.
There are few of us who can remember all the gifts that we received on any given Christmas, but most of us can recall the folks that surrounded us at the holiday time, those who lifted our spirits and made us happy.  Our staff are those people creating memories for the children and families we serve. There task is made easier because of your generosity.
Once again, thanks for all that you do for those we serve. Be sure of our gratitude and that we recall you fondly during this time of year and wish for you a wonderful new year filled with many blessings.
Ho, ho, ho…

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