New Year’s Resolutions

There is something compulsive about setting New Year’s resolutions; the majority of resolutions are often unattained. In reflecting on this upcoming year, there are a number of things that I would like to see happen and certainly will lend my support and energy to achieve; they are:

  • Restored funding for mental health services for special education students in California
  • Full funding for CalWORKS
  • Federal funding for a White House Conference on At Risk Children and Youth
  • A stable family for every child in the foster care system
  • Peace and Joy in our world!
None of the above are good resolutions since I have little control of the political wrangling required to achieve any of them, but they are worthy resolutions. Regardless whether they are achieved or not, we must not lose hope that some day in this great State and Country we will fund these efforts and assist the most vulnerable fulfill their dreams.
Along with these aspirations let me focus on that which is achievable.
As you know from previous postings, Hillsides is committed to constantly improving its quality of care. We made a commitment to become nationally accredited by our centennial celebration in 2013. Related to this is a set of resolutions for 2011 that will help us not only become accredited, but also further develop the quality of care we offer.
  • Prepare to apply to the Council on Accreditation by July 2011
  • Fully implement all aspects of the Open Doors demonstration project regarding residential based services
  • Develop strategies to fully utilize the services offered at Hillsides Education Center
  • Determine a plan for further development of Youth Moving On

No matter what the specific resolutions may be, what is essential is continuing to be tireless in effectively addressing the needs of the children, youth and families we serve.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Happy New Year!

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