Justice Has Been Done

The surprise announcement on Sunday that Osama Bin Laden had been killed has rekindled for all of us memories of that fateful day when we were confronted with the reality of global terrorism on our shores. We all remember where we were and how it affected us. I recall on that day receiving a frantic call from a friend in Massachusetts to ascertain that I had gotten back safely to Los Angeles after a week visiting with family and friends there. He was unsure of my travel plans and was afraid that I had been on the flight from Boston that crashed. As fate had it, I was on that same flight, but traveled September 10! Had I left on September11, I would have perished along with others like Lynn and David Angell.
Many of you know, Lynn Angell, who as a volunteer, single handedly started our campus library.  Her photograph is prominently displayed in the library as a reminder of her extraordinary dedication to our students. Motivated by a conviction that she could make a difference, she committed to provide our students with a place and resources to learn, to improve their lives and to become successful.  Her spirit lives on here and we continue to benefit from her support through generous grants from the Angell Foundation.
In spite of the tremendous sense of loss we experienced as we mourned the deaths of so many innocent victims, our lives have not been centered on retribution, but rather on their living legacies.  On Monday, the 13-year-old son of one of the heroes, a fireman who perished at the World Trade Center, said that he did not feel vengeful. To him, it matters little that Bin Laden had been killed, it was the loss of his father that 10 years later he still mourned. As much as justice has been done, the losses are still profound, the threats are still ever present and the impact of that day is still being felt.
The lesson of course is that the best “revenge” is to live full and fearless lives especially in the face of threats. As we begin May, Foster Care Awareness Month, it is appropriate for us to recall that the greatest instruments we have in the face of daunting obstacles are courage, hope and resolve.
Lynn Angell continues to counter the senseless acts of terror of September 11 each time a student is welcomed into the library that honors her commitment.  Join us to help our students and residents confront the challenges they experience and learn to be strong and fearless, hopeful and confident. Just as this is Lynn Angell’s impact on children served by the foster care system, it can also be yours.

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