A Culture of Quality Care

I’ve mentioned in the blog before that Hillsides is seeking a national accreditation with the Council on Accreditation in New York. Although we are currently accredited by the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, a decision was made last year to pursue a national accreditation to better position Hillsides in an increasingly competitive and demanding environment. Although we have been preparing for the accreditation for several months, we have now begun a yearlong process that hopefully with culminate with our accreditation, just in time for our centennial celebration.
As part of the accreditation process, our efforts to continuously address improving the quality of care has been strengthened. A specific committee has been charged with reviewing all our efforts to assure quality services. A  Board committee will review these efforts, which engages not only all levels of staff, but will also solicit input from our many beneficiaries. More than anything else, what we want to reinforce is a culture that values the finest care for the most vulnerable.
In a previous era, it was satisfactory to talk about the good that was being done and point anecdotally to the impact that was made. Today, that is just not good enough–not good enough for those we serve and not good enough for us as an organization if we strive to be a provider of choice.
Hillsides has every reason to be proud of the quality of care it provides the children, youth and families we serve. But like any other organization, it is easy to be satisfied with what we have done or what we are doing without necessarily taking a critical look at how services are delivered and what the true impact is as a result of the care that has been received.
Some argue that it is difficult to measure the impact; there are too many variables out of our control that influence the outcome. Although that may be the case, it is still not an excuse for us to maintain a critical eye on what we do to assure that all we do is the best. Providing quality care is the greatest tool we have to counter those unforeseen variables that impact the lives of those we serve. In doing so, we can influence the outcome.
As I often say, we can never do enough for those we serve. So it is with that desire that we embark on this process with every hope that it will strengthen us as an organization. Further, cultivating this culture of quality care will enable us to fulfill much more effectively our mission of providing a safe “place” for all we serve.

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