Thanks and Giving

National Charity League Pasadena Chapter
One of the things that I learned a long time ago is that you just can not say thank you enough. So let me take this year’s Thanksgiving celebration to say, once again, thank you! Let there be no doubt that without the extraordinary support that Hillsides receives from our donor community, our ability to impact the lives of all we serve would be significantly compromised.
Without your generous support we would not be able to bring the library to life with storytelling and live music on a regular basis. Without your support we would not have been able to sponsor our students on a three-day magical camping trip to Catalina. Without your support holiday celebrations would not be marked by games, gifts and fun for one and all. The list of how your support makes a difference is endless. Like the many parents who I met on campus recently and told me how grateful they are for the care we offer their children, I say thank you.
In assisting us to provide so much for those we serve, you offer an extraordinary gift whose impact is made more significant because of how vulnerable they are. It is the gift of hope. For the mother at her wits end with an adolescent who is depressed and withdrawn, hope is knowing that her child feels comfortable in school for the first time in years. For the eight year old angry about being removed from her home, hope is when she finally gets her favorite toy and is able to laugh and run with abandon. For the lonely adolescent who has aimlessly moved from one foster home to another, hope is when he lands that first job and opens a savings account. Your support helps us to rebuild confidence, revive joy and restore hope. Thank you!
Be sure to know that on this Thanksgiving your generous support of our mission is at the top of our list of reasons to be grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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