Something Magical

The holidays at Hillsides prove that if you have courage and dare to ask for something, it just may happen. And indeed it did happen–our hope for a wonder-filled holiday for all we serve was satisfied. An empty auditorium, converted during this past month into “Santa’s Workshop,” was filled with gifts of all shapes and sizes. The task of handling the requests of not only our 66 residents, but the many children, youth and families served by our community-based programs was enormous, but without fail every one of them was satisfied. Extra effort needed to coordinate and make sure gifts were wrapped, bundled and delivered was made so that by Christmas day everything was in place for a memorable holiday. There is no way to describe this experience, but to say that it was magical.
Of course it was much more than magical, it was awe inspiring to see so many embrace the cause and, in spite of a poor economic environment, make the sacrifice to see the dreams of those we served fulfilled during this holiday season. Once again, the generous, selfless support of our donor community left us all grateful and edified. Please know that your efforts achieved your intended result of lifting the spirits of vulnerable children and their families precisely at a time when they needed it the most.
To our generous donors, great volunteers and selfless staff, thank you one and all for making this holiday season so special at Hillsides.
The truth is that this “magical” moment is representative of what we attempt to do every day in the many programs provided by Hillsides–restore hope and provide resources for all we serve to lead fuller lives.
On behalf of Hillsides Board of Directors, the beneficiaries of your kindness and staff, we say “Thank you.”
Happy New Year!

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