Wish List for 2012

 The start of 2012 feels more like ground hog day than the beginning of a great new year. As 2011 came to an end, word came from Sacramento that a short fall in state revenues will require $1 billion in budget cuts in 2012! And where will these cuts come from? Schools, libraries, prisons and services for the disabled, leaving me to think that the Mayan prediction of the world ending in 2012 just might be true!
All joking aside, this news is a sad start to the year for our great state and as Gov. Brown has said the solution lies not just with cuts, but indeed raising the much-needed revenues that would allow us as a community to fulfill our many responsibilities to the State’s most vulnerable.
Some would argue at this time of political impasse at both the national and sate level that there is little that can be done. I argue that it is precisely at this moment that our voices must be raised loud to be heard over all the political vitriol to advocate for the children, youth and families we serve.
So I offer the following wish list as a point of reference for all that we hope to accomplish this year in spite of considerable odds.
  1. Keep all we serve safe and healthy, free of harm and hopeful for a better life
  2. Provide our dedicated staff with a supportive work environment, honoring their commitment and dedication
  3. Continue to cultivate our network of dedicated volunteers
  4. Secure adequate public funding for all our services, but especially the education programs
  5. Encourage a commitment on the part of our public policy and elected officials to address the needs of children, youth and families we serve
  6. Develop a clear and compelling plan to bring Hillsides into a new century of service as we anticipate our centennial anniversary in 2013
  7. Strengthen Hillsides’ recognition in our community and in this field
  8. Develop a Master Plan for the revitalization of the campus
  9. Introduce new donors to the Hillsides mission and successfully raise $2.5 million in private funds
  10. Identify opportunities to further fulfill our historic mission
 The one thing we can not afford is to lose our resolve to make 2012 better than 2011 for all those we serve. Join me in making our many wishes for 2012 come true.

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