Lunchtime Concerts in the Library


As I approached our library at noon I was drawn into the building by the sound of a classical cello piece echoing in the foyer. I walked into the library and found David Lockington, a guest conductor and accomplished cellist with the Pasadena Symphony, performing for an uncharacteristically silent and awed assembly of our students. My vantage point in the room allowed me to see not only the performance, but also the expressions on the students’ faces as they followed his gestures and felt the music resonate within them. For kids more familiar with rap, their ability to never-the-less appreciate and be moved by a classical cello performance was edifying.
Like many of you, I have fond memories of strolling around a great city at mid-day, delighted by an impromptu concert. This performance was especially gratifying because it not only delighted our residents, but it was offered by an artist who himself is the father of four adopted children.  David: someone who knows so well the challenges that our residents experience; someone who knows the power of music not only to transport the spirit, but also to transform the heart. What a powerful gift David offered us with this wonderful performance!
At one point he addressed the kids and asked them to feel the power of the music to touch them. With these comments he reinforced for the assembly something they may have already known–that music can be therapeutic and healing. I am convinced for all of us there that the opportunity to break from our routines and delight in such a great performance was indeed therapeutic.
Once again, I share this with you not only to thank David and others who have brought us these extraordinary mid-day concerts, but to remind all of us that there is so much that can be done even in the midst of fiscal constraints and public policy challenges to make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve. Let us resolve not to be overwhelmed by the challenges, but rather resourceful in achieving our mission.
How else will we be able to continue our efforts if not because of the generous support that we receive from so many volunteers that share their time, talent and resources to help us?
To one and all, thank you. What a great way to start the New Year!

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