Referrals Indicate We are a Provider of Choice

Recently at a Child Welfare League of America Board meeting, a colleague approached me concerning a niece he has and the family’s attempts to secure appropriate treatment for this adolescent girl in Los Angeles. He hoped that we might be of assistance. After an initial assessment, a visit to the campus and authorization by DCFS, a referral for placement in our residentialtreatment program has been made for this young girl, the only glitch is that there is no room.

Whether in our residential program or in our community-based services, we continue to receive more referrals than we can handle. This, of course, is a good indicator that we continue to be a provider of choice, but it is a significant dilemma for children and families that can not really wait for a bed to open up or an available appointment. As we always do in situations like this we attempt to refer these cases to other agencies.
Over the last few months, Hillsides has conducted a planning process and although it is an on-going process, we have agreed upon an organizational strategy for the agency: to maintain and further develop our position as a preferred provider of education and behavioral health services to vulnerable children, youth and their families. In a sense this organizational strategy is an affirmation of what historically Hillsides has attempted to be, a place or, better yet, a resource for all we serve to see their lives improved, hope restored and success assured. Building on this, our strategy is to be clearly identified as a premier organization, sought after by referral agents and families alike to address the needs of very vulnerable children and youth.
Publically stating this strategy helps us to organize our programs, services and indeed all operations to achieve this goal. It is also a way to direct the efforts of our committed staff, Board and volunteers around achievement of this goal. Being bold enough to state our intention to become the area’s premier provider of services  for vulnerable children and youth also invites the kind of scrutiny that will hold us accountable to indeed provide the services that would allow us to claim this statement!
Nothing is good enough for those we serve, they deserve and require only the best and it is our job to do just that for them and, in the process, continue to be sought after as a preferred provider of such desperately needed services.

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