Centennial kick off

Even growing up on the East Coast the Tournament of Roses Parade was a New Years’ Day tradition. While getting ready to enjoy a late lunch with family and friends we would all sit around the TV commenting on the beautiful floats and the envious climate of Southern California. Little did I realize that I would someday be in the parade let alone riding on top of the Wells Fargo stagecoach wearing a Stetson! Riding along with me was Melinda Snyder, our Wells Fargo board member and four of our clients who represented the array of services that we offer (read about our riders).  Needless to say, participating in the Rose Parade was a lot of fun and an experience of a lifetime for all of us. We are very grateful to Wells Fargo for their generosity and this wonderful opportunity.
The Tournament of Roses is such a grand event. It is an opportunity for Pasadena to showcase the community and celebrate its many attributes. It does so in a most unique way and as a result, it becomes a high standard for other communities who try to emulate it. How appropriate then that this should be the very first of many events that will allow us also to showcase who we are as a premier provider of child welfare and education services and celebrate the contribution we make to the community.
There is nothing subtle about the Rose Parade; it is a display of extraordinary creativity and well-deserved pride that brings together various people and interests to celebrate a community at its best. The celebrations that we have planned for this centennial year are all extraordinary. They will call attention, not only to who we are and those we serve, but in a special way the events will celebrate the standard of care that has been established for some of the most vulnerable in our community. Like the Rose Parade that is dependent on the support and goodwill of the community to be successful, we, too, will celebrate this year the exceptional support we receive from the community and how we continue to depend on it.
I hope that you plan to join us in celebrating this landmark event, especially by attending our centennial galaon February 23. That evening we will celebrate the lives of many who have been so dedicated to vulnerable children and have been generous in their support of our mission.  As always, all we do is meant to benefit those we serve. In a special way, this celebration will generate the support we need to fulfill our historic mission to create lasting change for all we serve. So mark your calendar now, reserve your tickets, and join with us as we mark our centennial. Happy New Year!

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