Celebrities Step Up for Kids in Foster Care

May is Foster Care Awareness Month and it is important for us to make note of the more than 500,000 children nationally and 35,000 locally who are served through the foster care system and receive child welfare services. These numbers are especially overwhelming when you consider how difficult it is for a child to be separated from family and those things that are most familiar. A day for a child can seem like an eternity, let alone weeks, months, and years apart from family.
The decision to separate a family is a difficult one to make, but there are circumstances that warrant such a drastic action. For the children impacted by these decisions, we must provide safe, caring alternatives that are responsive to their needs and dedicated to their best interest. The foster care system at its best does just this and serves as an indispensable resource for both child and family to get through a challenging time.
The foster care system is often the focus of negative press. Inevitably the failure of an individual foster parent or an organization serving foster children can skew the community’s perspective of how effective foster care is. The truth, however, is that the vast majority of children and families served through the child welfare system appreciate how essential these services are in order to assure safety, well-being, and ultimately a stable future.
There is never enough we can do for these children, youth, and families, and as a result what we offer must be the best. No one organization can take on the responsibility of being such a resource without the extraordinary support of a generous community.
Once again during this month of celebrating foster care awareness, Hillsides is promoting a unique and fun way of generating much-needed support for the services we offer to children, youth, and families. This fundraiser, the Fifth Annual Hillsides Foster Soles, is an online auction of celebrity autographed items. The auction was launched on Wednesday, May 22, with a cocktail reception at Bar Celona in Pasadena. Co-chairing this event is Dr. Drew and Susan Pinsky, who have been supporting us for years and stepped right up to garner celebrity support for the auction.
Celebrity items can be viewed on eBay. The auction will last through the first week of June as we are continuing to list celebrity items throughout the weekend. To learn more about the auction, visit our website, www.hillsides.org. I encourage you to share this event with your family and friends. It’s an easy way to support what we do, bid on a few items you may want or give a gift to someone.

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