How this activity brings recovery

Indiegogo Recovery Through Recreation, a Hillsides campaign to bring healing to children in Los Angeles

At Hillsides, recreation is more than just an activity to pass the time. Recreation staff work with our residential treatment team to integrate each child’s treatment goals while working with them in the afternoon. Teaching children about healthy food choices, identifying fun activities they like, or developing their social skills in group settings are just a few of the ways the staff meet the children’s goals. So the recreation room and incentives are a critical component in keeping things relative and fresh for our children.

Oftentimes recreation staff use donated items as incentives and work in a bare bones recreation room to exercise their program with the children and youth. Sports equipment is always in need. Music incentives are fast becoming a form of recreation for our children that helps their self-expression. For these reasons, we launched Hillsides “Recovery through Recreation” on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing campaign, which reaches a community of individuals with a desire to contribute towards an individual’s dream or a charity’s needs.

Recreation means an opportunity to take a child’s experience and create healthy and enjoyable ways to move forward. With that in mind, this campaign creates the means to furnish and purchase the incentives that will provide immediate affirmation, a release of abundant energy, an outlet for imaginative play, and most importantly, lasting change in the lives of the children and youth we serve.

Please take the time to visit our campaign and consider being part of our children’s recovery. A simple forward of this email or sharing the campaign page with co-workers, family, and friends can make such a difference for us and those we serve.

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