How to Harness the Power of Flowers to Elevate Your Mood

By the Hillsides Self-Care Committee

foster care, child welfare, employee, self care, healthy, work, life, balance, Los Angeles, Pasadena, HillsidesHave you ever heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses”?

Take a second to think about what that statement means to you. To us, it means taking time out of our busy schedule to enjoy the beauty of life. We find that when we pay attention to the beautiful things in life, our days simply feel better!

But what if you have a hectic schedule at work with barely enough time to breathe?

Here’s a suggestion: Bring life’s beauty into your space!

Buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers and display them where you’ll see them often. Allow yourself to stop and admire them.

It only takes a second or two to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are worth the effort it takes to bring a little beauty into your space.

Maybe you are in the field too much to enjoy beauty in the office or maybe your work environment won’t allow something as fragile as a flower to last very long. What if you purchased a bouquet on Friday on your way home from work so that you could enjoy it all weekend and through the next week as a reminder to relax when you come in the door?

Perhaps stopping to smell the roses isn’t about flowers at all for you? If this is true, ask yourself what would feel like a “breath of fresh air” during your work day? Many of us who work in Hillsides South Pasadena office enjoy walking along the nature path across the street as a chance to get out  and enjoy a little sunshine, fresh air, and free natural beauty during the day.

Does your job make you a road warrior? How about scheduling in a stop at a park for a brisk walk between appointments? Breathing in the beauty of green grass, natural plants, and fresh air is a nice alternative to bumper-to-bumper highway space.

Take a minute to mindfully check in with yourself right now and make a decision: What will you do this week to stop and “smell the roses”?

Hillsides Self-Care Committee provides practical solutions for well-being and is part of the overall plan at Hillsides to foster an atmosphere of support that empowers all to seek balance and healthy living while serving the community.  The committee consists of Kathy Baele, Tamara Bess,  Bhavna Bhakta, Puja Chhabra, Catalina Garcia,  Lupe Gonzalez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Ritch Greene, Melanie Horstmann, Iris Lopez, Kirsten Mohr, Jose Vasquez, and Samira Vishria. 

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