How Hillsides is Seizing the Moment in a Shifting Foster Care System  

Collaboration quoteTreatment team meetings at Hillsides often require a large room to accommodate all the various interests that must be considered in making a good decision for those we serve. Professional caregivers within and outside the organizations weigh in along with family, child welfare representatives, educators, and others who are dedicated to developing the best possible plan oriented to the child’s well-being and long-term stability.

Inevitably these treatment team meetings address the complex issues that threaten the child’s overall wellness. For each child, although the parties assembled may represent the same interests, the actual plan varies and is individualized. In fact, the team must put in place multiple plans to mitigate the impact of surprises that can sabotage even the best plan developed.

The resources to assemble such a multifaceted team, track the development of each plan, and deliver on the promise to stabilize a child and launch them on a pathway to long -term success is considerable. As daunting as this may be, day in and day out, this extraordinary effort is made to leverage all our resources to best serve the child and their family. The collaboration and team effort is essential, and makes all the difference in determining successful treatment.

More and more, this kind of team approach reminds me of the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. This team approach is not only seen in the multi-faceted treatment teams but is also evident as child welfare organizations seek to collaborate and align to better serve children, families, and communities.

The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, launched by several leading foundations in the greater Los Angeles area, has been instrumental in getting nonprofit social services organizations to consider a greater level of collaboration to more effectively serve the complex needs of the most vulnerable. At present, Hillsides is in discussions with one other child-serving social service agency to study how together, we may have a greater impact.

In an era of historic developments that are remaking the foster care system and driven by a commitment to create a more effective continuum of services, Hillsides is excited to seize the moment to better serve our long-standing mission of creating lasting change. From our inception in 1913, we have been safeguarding the best interests of those we serve and placing all of our resources at their disposal. Just as treatment teams assemble to bring various voices together to assure long-term wellness, happiness, and success, an affiliation of similar mission-driven organizations can advance our ability to have a lasting impact.

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