Exciting Opportunities for Hillsides are Underway

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The Board of Hillsides joined with its counterparts at Bienvenidos to sign a Memorandum of Understanding indicating their intent to affiliate. After six months of due diligence, both organizations are confident that there is sufficient reason to believe that the eventual merger of both will allow for a stronger, well-equipped, and ever-impactful organization. Months of meetings clearly established that there is a compatible mission, a complementary set of programs, and considerable opportunity for a united agency. For our employees, this affiliation will provide job security and career opportunities. More importantly, it will provide for the creation of a fuller array of services that will better address the needs of those we serve.

Being better equipped to make a lasting impact is the principle reason for considering this affiliation. Bienvenidos is a compassionate community of care dedicated to healing children, strengthening families, and transforming communities. Serving 7,000 children and families annually, the agency operates its programs out of nine locations in East Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley.  Bienvenidos has a foster family and adoption program that will facilitate the development of a cadre of foster families that will help Hillsides reduce the amount of time children are treated in an institutional setting and serve as a bridge until child and family can be reunified.

Bienvenidos also has a significant presence within the Latino community that will help us leverage the services Hillsides offers in East Los Angeles and our commitment to this underserved population. The array of services that will be assembled under the unified organization will also allow us to comply with recent legislation, AB 403, that is reforming the system of care for children in foster care. The current changes in the child welfare field are significant, driven by a need to provide much more effective care. Like any change, however, there are challenges. How services are delivered, the creation of a seamless array of programs, the reorientation of care givers, an increased commitment to family reunification and the constant challenge of more efficiently using limited funds are all issues that must be addressed in order to have the intended impact of creating a more effective system of care.


For so many who have been extraordinarily dedicated to our mission we ask you to embrace this vision and continue to support our important endeavor. By your ongoing commitment, you help create an organization that is ever faithful to our mission to create lasting change.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is the beginning of a public process that will bring about the affiliation of both organizations. Moving forward, look to this blog as a vehicle for staying informed.  Also feel free to email me at jcosta@hillsides.org. Your comments and questions are welcomed as together we create an organization that embodies the values and qualities that has characterized who we are for generations.

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