A Legacy of Giving and How You Can Also Give Back


Third from left, Holly Davis is pictured with her family during a Hillsides annual gala.

I received some very sad news this weekend that a former board member and longtime donor and supporter died unexpectedly last Friday, Holly Davis. The list of Holly’s support for Hillsides is long, from giving dancing instruction to our residents, volunteering for summer school activities, serving on our board and its many committees to opening up her home along with her husband David to host dinner parties to support Hillsides. Holly was always there, unwavering in her commitment to our mission, an unabashed advocate for the needs of the children, youth and families we serve. She supported Hillsides not only through her generous contributions but through a kind word or a note of support encouraging myself and other members of our leadership team to persevere when confronting challenges. She was not just a donor but a friend who will be sorely missed by all of us who are part of the Hillsides community.

Of all our programs, the services we offer through our residential treatment program often dominates the attention of our volunteers because the needs of our residents are so compelling. For veteran board members like Holly there is a predisposition to favor the residential services over the community-based programs we offer. However, Holly was not your typical board member. She understood the value of providing effective interventions to children and families before they got to the point of being separated. Each year when we solicited the support of the board and other volunteers to provide food and gifts to the children and families in our community-based programs, Holly was the first to support these efforts. I vividly remember her speaking up at a board meeting advocating in particular for these children and families and rallying her fellow board members to join with her to make the holiday memorable for them.

Her unquestionable commitment and strong, clear advocacy made her an indispensable board member. Her example inspired others and will endure as a true legacy. Although she is sorely missed, we honor her dedication by carrying on the great work to which she was so committed. As we have each year, we solicit the support of our community to respond to the needs of all those we serve in a special way at this time of year. This year our outreach also extends to the children and families served by our affiliate Bienvenidos. We are resolved to make this holiday season memorable in spite of the challenges our clients confront. Here is a list of the many ways you can help fulfill the dreams of those in our care.

4To donate toward our holiday giving efforts for children, youth, and families in need, please text KIDSFIRST to 41444.

To answer the holiday wishes of the children, please visit: http://hillsides.org/donate/wish-list.

To adopt a family in need over the holidays and provide them with holiday gifts and grocery gift cards: http://www.hillsides.org/content/adopt-family-holidays.

Thank you for your support and know that like Holly, you help us create lasting change.

One Comment on “A Legacy of Giving and How You Can Also Give Back

  1. It is sad news. Holly had such an upbeat personality, positive attitude, and giving heart.
    I am saddened by this news and give Dave all my best.
    John Hitchcock

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