Why We Have Great Expectations for the Coming Year

Expectations are important because more often than not, they can influence outcomes. Some prefer to have reasonable expectations that are modest and easily achieved while others dream big and expect great results. The expectations we have affects our commitment to the achievements that are anticipated. If, for example, I expect much, I am more likely to invest more than if I hold little hope for anything to be accomplished.

What are our expectations for this new year? A new administration in Washington, D.C. has come to power with the promise of improving the lives of many who found themselves disenfranchised. As we raise a strong voice advocating for the needs of vulnerable children, youth and their families with the new administration, we expect to be heard and engaged so that those we serve may also hope for an improved life.

Building on our achievements of the last year, in 2017 we hope to meet our expanded capital campaign goal for the next phase of this important project. With the ongoing support of the community, we will begin to address the resources needed to complete the next phase of the master plan renovations of the campus. In addition, preparations have been made to comply with child welfare reforms that take effect now in the new year. As a pilot program of these reforms, Hillsides is in a position to exceed mere adherence and leverage our expertise to advance an agenda driven by the goal of permanency. Accredited since 2013, we expect that the reaccreditation process this spring will not only affirm our current practice standards but strengthen our capacity to deliver effective and quality care. Having initiated the affiliation with Bienvenidos last year, this year we anticipate to benefit from our strategic union by becoming one workforce, developing greater efficiencies and increasing funding utilization to create a greater impact for those in our care.

More than anything else, the expectation we hold for 2017 is to have a lasting impact on all we serve and to effectively use all the resources at our disposal to strengthen families and transform communities.

Are these reasonable expectations? Nothing less should be expected because to do so is to rob those we serve of what they so desperately need, which would be unacceptable. Once again the year ahead will be busy and hopefully impactful. What we hope to achieve will be the result of a collective effort that engages clients, staff, donors and the whole community to fulfill our mission of creating last change. As we begin this new year, let us embrace great expectations and be relentless in achieving much for those we serve.

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