Celebrating Foster Care Month: How One Little Girl Found her `Forever Family’

Hillsides is dedicated to the goal of creating permanency for the children and youth we serve. For the vast majority of the children, the best pathway is to support their parents and extended family to address any issues that might serve as an obstacle to stability.  There are, however, very sad instances where parents and the families may not be able to provide a safe, nurturing environment for a child.  In these cases, after exhaustive attempts to support the family of origin, parental rights are eventually relinquished and the child becomes available for adoption.

Our affiliation with Bienvenidos has introduced Hillsides to an extraordinary group of foster (also known as resource) families who have enhanced our capacity to support children separated from their parents by providing a welcoming, safe and nurturing home while working towards reunification. Additionally, some of these foster families are available to adopt if the biological parents and extended families are not able to be reunified with the child. Out of these very challenging situations, these exemplary foster families open their hearts and homes to adopt.

On our website, you will find the story of a courageous couple who despite their fears that their hopes for a family would be unrealized, welcomed an infant into their home and eventually adopted her as their own. As traumatizing as being separated from parents and community is, the loss can be eased by knowing that you have been chosen to be loved.

The story of Leah and her adoring parents reinforces how hope can spring from hardship.  This wonderful couple is one of a hundred families licensed through the Bienvenidos Foster Care and Adoptions program. Some of these loving families serve as an ally for a child and family while anticipating reunification while others, like the family profiled, are prepared to welcome a child who is vulnerable into their family through adoption.

May is National Foster Care Month.  In Los Angeles County alone there are currently 18,000 children in foster care in need of a good home whether temporarily or permanently. Parenting requires selflessness and a willingness to sacrifice for the child’s best interest. We are very fortunate to have such generous families who give wholeheartedly to these children separated from their families. The need is great to secure many more foster families.  Please consider joining the ranks of such remarkable families and become a foster parent. For more information, please email fostercarerecruitment@bienvenidos.org or call 1-800-828-5683.

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