Got the January Ho-Hums? Hillsides Has the Cure

By Kim Weleba and the Hillsides medical staff


Graphic design by Elvira Contreras

Feel sad after all of the December parties are over, packages opened, treats are all eaten, and the decorations all come down?   You’re not alone!

Many people feel down in January. It feels like a big letdown after all the busy excitement leading up to the holidays.

Hillsides’ medical staff has come up with some suggestions on how to beat the post-holiday blues.   Below each staff members offers his or her personal mood-boosting solution:

Nursing supervisor Kim Weleba – Enjoy a cup of your favorite tea, open windows and doors for fresh air when possible, and enjoy breezes, birds in your yard, and the many beautiful sunrises and sunsets we are treated to in January!

Nurse Ana Pineda – Listen to your favorite music and enjoy your favorite movies!

Nurse Maribel Aguilar – Exercise at least 30-45 minutes per day, no matter what the weather is and you will soon be used to it. This helps with your sleep and emotions, and gives you a great feeling when you accomplish so much in just 30 minutes.

Nurse Valarie Lewis – Try retail therapy! Use your holiday gift cards to shop.

Nurse Cheanell Jones– Show gratitude each and every day.

Nurse Judy Goldberg– Plan an outing with family or friends outdoors in the sunshine. Visit a museum or attraction you’ve always wanted to see.

Office manager Erica Cervantes – Be hopeful and excited for the new year coming — for changes and challenges, both professionally and personal.

Dr. Eliot Moon– Since we know the body and the mind are dance partners, do something to make your body feel better and your mind will follow.  Eat clean — throw out that packaged meal and make something fresh – or take a walk.

Happy New Year!

One Comment on “Got the January Ho-Hums? Hillsides Has the Cure

  1. I always liked the Christmas Holidays at Hillsides. The traditions the excitement of the children and the traditions that we had were very special. I must say I missthe fun that we had and the joy that we brought to that occasion for these childrenwas special.

    John Hitchcock

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