What Are We Grateful For? Let Us Count the Ways


Joshua Mathieu, workforce development specialist at our Youth Moving On program, is pictured here fourth from right, with colleagues at the early Thanksgiving dinner they held for youth at our Peer Resource Center.  Joshua says he is grateful for the supportive staff he works with.

At Hillsides, we have much to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.  We asked staff across the agency  what they are thankful for, and here are some of their responses.  Perhaps the best part about learning what people are grateful for is seeing the smiles on their faces as they ponder the question.  Taking a moment to reflect on life’s blessings is an instant happiness booster. As you read these, you may want to stop and ask yourself, what you are thankful for?

“I am thankful for ….” 

“My accomplishments of this year, from getting a promotion to finally graduating from college.  I’m also grateful for the opportunities to travel and for being close to my family.”  — Giann Arroyo, Systems Administrator I, IT team

“To be alive and healthy.” — Lisa Gavitt, advancement coordinator

“In light of recent events, a home and a family.”  — Samira Vishria, director of professional development

“Having a place to go every morning where I feel comfortable, productive and challenged, not stressed.” — Elvira Contreras, Graphic Designer

“The calling to be a nurse and to help others. I am so grateful to work with a team of nurses who give the best of themselves each day to our clients. Working with friends and amazing hard- working professionals is a great blessing in my life. I am so very grateful for my husband Jack, my sons Jeff and Adam and their families.”  – Kim Weleba, Hillsides nursing office supervisor

“A team who is passionate about working with children in foster care and getting them resources and finding them resource homes.” – Cindy Macias, senior director of Bienvenidos Foster Care and Adoption program

“Bottom line, I am grateful for the Hillsides staff.” – Stacey Roth, Hillsides executive vice president and chief operating officer

“All of the amazing volunteers who every day astound me with their capacity to give back, to care, and to improve the lives of the children of Hillsides.” – Laura Kelso, director of community resources

“Forty years of having been able to achieve the ‘American Dream’ after emigrating from Mexico.” — Linda Gutierrez, foster care social worker

“My family, my health, and my family’s health and happiness.”  — Ashley Mendoza, intake coordinator

“My friends and family and the opportunities I have been given in the industry I work in.”  — Grayson Kelso, director of data services

“My health insurance, specifically Medicare, and today’s technology that can bring cost-free medical solutions around the world for suffering people.  I am also grateful for organizations such as  Smile Train,  a nonprofit  providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates, Doctors Without Borders, and Seva, which helps preserve and restore peoples’ sight  around the world.” — Robin Rhodes, chaplain

“The supportive staff I work with, and an environment that promotes wellness and self-care.” — Joshua Mathieu, workforce development specialist

“All of our donors, who have been so instrumental in helping us to complete this big capital project? And the fact that we have benefited from a very generous community here in Pasadena. I am also grateful for the incredible Hillsides staff. ” – Joseph M. Costa, Hillsides president and CEO

Happy Thanksgiving from f Hillsides!

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