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The Secret to Showing your Children your Love this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

By Alison Bell The other night my 14-year-old son started beaning me with pillows from the couch.  “No,” I cried weakly, which only fueled his pelting power. There was nothing for me to do but return with pillow hits of…

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5 Tips to Stay Focused in Completing New Year’s Resolutions

Guest Contributor Caterina Clarke The end of the holidays sometimes seems anticlimactic. We build up three wonderful holidays filled with gratitude, hope, and new beginnings. Then the children go back to school and we, at times, continue to work through…

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How Mental Health Services Denied can be Catastrophic

This past Sunday, the CBS TV show “60 Minutes” featured a segment “Denied” on how insurance companies deny or significantly limit medically needed treatment services to many who present with mental health issues. The consequences of these denials are catastrophic and in some instances, life-threatening…Access to appropriate mental health services continues to be significantly constrained by most insurance companies.

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How storytelling helps youth at Hillsides Education Center in Pasadena

Hillsides Education Center collaborates with Story Tribe, an organization that empowers youth to express themselves, share their stories, and reflect on topics that impact their lives. Story Tribe does this by offering a dynamic creative writing and performance program that connects…

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The 10 Secrets to Crafting Effective Work Emails

trauma informed care, email etiquette, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hillsides

By Hillsides Trauma Informed Care Polices & Procedures Subcommittee Do you ever wonder if an email you’ve sent has the right tone?  Or worry how it will be perceived? Or wished you hadn’t even sent it in the first place? …

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