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7 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

By Samira Vishria, LCSW Hillsides recently adopted a new, innovative standard of care in the mental health industry called trauma-informed care (TIC) that screens and treats individuals according to how much trauma they have experienced in their lives.  Part of…

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7 Ways to Cope When Headline News Makes You Fear for Your Children’s Well-Being

Author Alison Bell on a drive thinking about headline news and the fear of her children's well-being.

by Alison Bell  The 5 Highway from Los Angeles to the Bay Area is a lonely stretch of asphalt.  Something about the mile after mile of desolated landscape seems to unlock every anxiety floating in the back of your brain….

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Four Simple Tricks That Can Calm any Child

By Alison Bell We all know that taking a few deep breaths is an automatic de-stressor. Our heart rate and blood pressure go down, and we instantly feel more in control and relaxed. Deep breathing has the same effect on…

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How to Reassure Your Children in the Wake of the South Pasadena High Shooting Plot

By Alison Bell The day has finally arrived. My “ baby boy,” the youngest of three, is about to start high school. I envisioned this as a poignant time full of back-to-school shopping, lively discussions of his fall schedule and…

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Super Simple but Smart Ways to Lose Weight and Get in Shape, Part 3

Hillsides employee shares tips on nutrition apps

Caption: Hillsides employee, Rob DaSilva sports WOD Gear Clothing t-shirt, a functional athletic apparel company that has selected Hillsides as the beneficiary of its annual Team Series Competition. By Sofi Goode Over the past four years, Hillsides Residential Treatment Services Program…

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