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Why this activity keeps kids on track and off drugs

team sports, children, youth, Los Angeles, Pasadena, exercise, health benefits

By Kaitlyn Trotter A couple of weeks ago I came across a picture of my 4th grade basketball team. It was a (supposedly) co-ed team, although I was the only girl, surrounded by eight boys much shorter than I was….

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An interview with Kale

kale, benefits, children, families

The staff at Hillsides work hard to make eating healthy and fun for the children in residence.  Here, staffer Adrian Solorio imagines a tongue-in-cheek conversation with kale to make this unsung vegetable more accessible and appealing to kids (and maybe…

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How this activity brings recovery

Indiegogo Recovery Through Recreation, a Hillsides campaign to bring healing to children in Los Angeles

At Hillsides, recreation is more than just an activity to pass the time. Recreation staff work with our residential treatment team to integrate each child’s treatment goals while working with them in the afternoon. Teaching children about healthy food choices,…

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The Biggest Exercise Mistake You May Be Making

By Steven Cole The idea of stretching to warm up before exercising is a well-ingrained notion in the minds of the general population. We are introduced to this concept at a very young age when we take our first physical…

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Stress Busters to Keep Your Brain Healthy

By Kaitlyn Trotter When I was in high school, an administrator came into the classroom and asked to speak with me outside. I panicked, wondering what I had done to deserve this kind of unwanted attention. I walked outside, bracing…

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