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How Mental Health Services Denied can be Catastrophic

This past Sunday, the CBS TV show “60 Minutes” featured a segment “Denied” on how insurance companies deny or significantly limit medically needed treatment services to many who present with mental health issues. The consequences of these denials are catastrophic and in some instances, life-threatening…Access to appropriate mental health services continues to be significantly constrained by most insurance companies.

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Why the right to an education is in jeopardy

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This week the Noble Peace Prize was awarded to the young Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai for her heroic struggle to secure the right for education for all girls in her native Pakistan. In doing so, she has become a voice…

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Children and Guns

Let me start off by saying that I respect the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, and I am not an advocate of hindering anyone who is legitimately eligible to possess a firearm. However, I strongly oppose introducing guns to children….

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Strong Foundation Upheld for a Century

2013 will mark Hillsides centennial. Reviewing the historical archives provided an affirmation of the organization’s characteristics that had surfaced when we were developing a strategic road map this past year. Clearly from its inception, Hillsides has been an organization unquestionably…

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