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Graduation 2018 – A Day of Emotion, Inspiration, and Hope

There was not a dry eye in the house on graduation day at the Hillsides Education Center (HEC). The graduates, including two of our long-time residents, proudly held their diplomas and shared their stories of how they got to this…

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Congratulations to our High School Graduates

One of the most momentous occasions in life is graduation from high school. Many of us see this as a very achievable milestone — predictable and expected. However, for others, graduating from high school is not a given. For example,…

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The lesson students at this special education school learn to change their lives

“Hillsides, you are awesome!” pronounced one of the 10 graduating seniors during Hillsides Education Center’s (HEC) graduation ceremony yesterday. This was just one of many heartfelt statements made by the students during this milestone that featured the students’ personal reflections…

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Why the right to an education is in jeopardy

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This week the Noble Peace Prize was awarded to the young Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai for her heroic struggle to secure the right for education for all girls in her native Pakistan. In doing so, she has become a voice…

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187 Reasons to Believe in Foster Children       

The media accounts of the foster care system failures can be overwhelming. You begin to wonder if any good comes from the efforts of the child welfare system. Then you read an article that gives you hope like the one…

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