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The One Quality That Can Get You Through Any Rough Parenting Patch

By Georgy Norris Being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love. I agree with that sentiment completely as I continue to steer my kids, 19 and 21, into adulthood. In my role as a parent partner at Hillsides…

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How to Help Your Children Cope after the Paris Terrorist Attacks

  By Alison Bell The world is reeling after the attacks on Paris last Friday and the related recent terrorist activity around the globe. The horror and unpredictability of the events have shaken all of us, including our children.  How…

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5 Parenting Tips To Help You Survive the Last Weeks of Summer … and Beyond!

By Alison Bell Parents, you’re on the countdown to the end of summer vacation.   As much fun as it’s been having your kids around, as the weeks wear on, tempers can flare, kids can act out, and about now you…

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5 Easy Ways to Talk to Your Kids More Effectively and Empathetically

By Alison Bell Recently I downloaded the book Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!  by Michael J. Bradley onto my Kindle. I was feeling exhausted and at wit’s end by my 14-year-old’s mood swings and obsessive attachment to his iPhone.  While…

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7 Ways to Cope When Headline News Makes You Fear for Your Children’s Well-Being

Author Alison Bell on a drive thinking about headline news and the fear of her children's well-being.

by Alison Bell  The 5 Highway from Los Angeles to the Bay Area is a lonely stretch of asphalt.  Something about the mile after mile of desolated landscape seems to unlock every anxiety floating in the back of your brain….

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