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Easing your child back to school

By Leticia Medina The fall brings about the end of summer, and back to school for kids.  While most parents enjoy sending their kids back to school, children aren’t always as happy about the prospect.  In the midst of school…

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Mental Health Series Part 2: Have you had Your Vitamin D Today?

By Alison Bell Some people de-stress through exercise.  Some through meditation.  Others find ample doses of chocolate works best.  But one surprisingly effective method you might not have tried is hand drumming. Playing a hand drum, such as a bongo…

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7 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

By Samira Vishria, LCSW Hillsides recently adopted a new, innovative standard of care in the mental health industry called trauma-informed care (TIC) that screens and treats individuals according to how much trauma they have experienced in their lives.  Part of…

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7 Ways to Cope When Headline News Makes You Fear for Your Children’s Well-Being

Author Alison Bell on a drive thinking about headline news and the fear of her children's well-being.

by Alison Bell  The 5 Highway from Los Angeles to the Bay Area is a lonely stretch of asphalt.  Something about the mile after mile of desolated landscape seems to unlock every anxiety floating in the back of your brain….

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